‘Together to make Ben Tre Coconut Brand’

Lien Thanh Coconut Trading-Export-Export Co., Ltd: Established in 2002, located in An Thien hamlet, Thanh Thoi B commune, Mo Cay Nam district, Lien Thanh coconut production base specializes in producing coir every year. finished product production 3,600 tons with only 50 stable workers.

In 2012, the facility was changed to Lien Thanh Co., Ltd., which increased the number of finished products produced to 6,000 tons/year with 100 employees. Currently, the enterprise produces over 8,000 tons/year with 200 employees and starts exporting 4.8 million coconuts/year. Annual revenue is over 110 billion VND, paying state tax is 1.7 billion VND. Through many years of manufacturing and exporting coconut fiber products, the company has gradually invested in research and transfer of new technologies; invest in more machinery and equipment, expand more modern factories to increase productivity, improve product quality, and promptly meet increasing market demand in accordance with the company’s strategic direction.

* Hung Long private enterprise: Established in 1988, in Quarter 7, Mo Cay town, Mo Cay Nam district, a facility specializing in producing Hung Long coir with 10 employees, annual production of over 7,800 coir netting. In 2013, the establishment decided to upgrade to a company, the productivity increased 3 times (31,000 tons) with 50 employees. Currently, the company produces over 200,000 nets a year with 300 employees with stable jobs. The company has expanded to add new products, which is to produce 250,000m2 of coconut tape/year. Average revenue is 14 billion VND/year, tax payment is 120 million VND per year.

* Luong Quoi Coconut Processing Company Limited: The company is located in An Hiep Industrial Park, Chau Thanh district. After more than 15 years of establishment and development, from the first product being crude coconut oil, with a capacity of 2,000 tons/year, in 2006 the enterprise built Thanh Vinh 1 factory, the main product is desiccated coconut, capacity. 9,000 tons/year and virgin coconut oil, capacity of 100,000 tons/year. In 2011, the company continued to build Thanh Vinh 2 factory, producing coconut milk, coconut water, refined coconut oil, virgin coconut oil. Current production capacity: 7,500 tons of coconut milk; 7,500 tons of canned coconut water; 12,000 tons of desiccated coconut; 2,500 tons of virgin coconut oil; 2,000 tons of refined coconut oil; 3,000 tons of crude coconut oil. Average annual revenue of 263 billion VND in 2012, 170 billion VND in 2013, 311 billion VND in 2014; average annual tax payment of 1.3 billion VND. The average employer is 233 people, including 30 engineers and masters. Over the years, the company has always researched and transferred technology effectively; equipment installation and technology transfer of canned coconut milk. Development strategy until 2020, the company becomes one of the top 50 largest coconut product processing companies in Asia – Pacific. Towards the company to constantly develop products, innovate production technology to enhance product brands.

* Ben Tre Import-Export Joint Stock Company (Betrimex): Established in 1976, equitized in 2006. After nearly 40 years of establishment and development, the company operates at a remarkable growth rate, specializing in manufacturing and processing. processing and trading coconut products, agricultural products, processing for export. Products are as diverse as desiccated coconut, coconut fruit, coir, products from only coir. Revenue in 2012 was 469 billion VND, in 2013 was 343 billion VND, in 2014 was 659 billion VND. Annually, 431 people are settled on average. In the past 3 years, the company has built a quality system according to international standards and has obtained the certification of the quality management system of food safety and hygiene according to international standards. In the next 5 years, the company strives to become the largest producer and trader of coconut products in the country, aiming to diversify products with high quality. It is expected that in 2020, export turnover will reach over 50 million USD.

* Thanh Binh Food and Beverage Manufacturing Trading One Member Company Limited: The company is located in My Thanh An commune, City. Ben Tre, then renamed Hoai Co, established in 2007, specializes in producing coconut candy, coconut jelly, banana candy, candied fruit. Currently, mainly producing and processing agricultural and food products with the main products being coconut candy, banana candy, candied fruit, coconut-colored water, canned fruit. The annual output is about 1,000 tons of all kinds. Every month, there are over 120 regular employees with an average salary of 6 million VND/person/month. Average revenue is 25 billion VND/year, state tax payment is 90 million VND/year.

* Cuu Long Coconut Products Processing Co., Ltd: Established in 1999, specializing in manufacturing and trading coconut jelly pellets for domestic sale and export. Currently, the product is always stable and developing, the main customer is Taiwan. In 2012, the cooperative applied the technological process of producing skin care masks from coconut water, now it has moved to Cuu Long Coconut Processing Co., Ltd. with many new products such as coconut mask, massage coconut oil, coconut soap, etc. coconut jelly. Average revenue in 2012 was 4 billion VND, 2013: 5 billion VND, 2014: 7.5 billion VND. In 2014, the company invested 1.1 billion dong to install new equipment, improve equipment and upgrade factories to expand production needs and improve the quality of finished products. In particular, the production of coconut mask products increased by 100% compared to the previous year. Expected annual revenue to increase by 20-30%. The company continues to expand production, increase the capacity of machinery and equipment to increase product production output, ensure quality, expand domestic and export markets. Developing new products from coconut such as shower gel from coconut, coconut soap, coconut jelly… with an investment of 1 billion dong.

* Vinh Tien Co., Ltd: Located in Phu Khuong Ward, City. In Ben Tre, the company has invested in modern equipment and technology, applied a cleaner production program in industry, and applied a quality management system according to ISO: 9001-2008, so the product is guaranteed. food hygiene and safety, meeting international standards, meeting the needs of the export market. On average, each month, the company produces over 200 tons of finished products for export, mainly Yen Hoang and Tien Dat coconut candies and coconut cakes – new products of the company. In particular, the company’s Yen Hoang branded coconut candy has superior advantages and overcomes the limitation of coconut candies on the market, which is not sticky. In 2009, the quality of Yen Hoang branded coconut candy was confirmed with a new development in technology, which is crispy coconut candy, fully automatic and self-contained technology, ensuring food hygiene and safety. The company’s products are mainly exported to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, the US, and Australia. The secret to the company’s success is focusing on the export market, always improving and innovating to catch up with customers’ needs, meeting increasingly high international standards and affirming the brand.

* Ngoc Lan Ben Tre Co., Ltd: Established in 2011, in Ward 7, City. Ben Tre, the company specializes in producing coconut candy, banana candy of all kinds to serve domestic and export needs. Each year produces over 350 tons of finished products with 30 employees. Currently, the company’s employees have increased to 180 people, the average income is 6 million VND/person/month, the production output is about 2,100 tons/year. Average revenue is 17 billion VND/year. In 2011, the company installed a complete wastewater treatment system, installed a boiler.

* Dong A General Production and Business Co., Ltd: Ben Tre coconut candy is a trademark of Dong A General Production and Business Co., Ltd, Ward 7, City. Ben tre. Born over 30 years with Ben Tre coconut candy products, it is a famous brand at home and abroad. The average annual revenue is about 100 billion VND, the average employment is 433 people. Over the years, in order to improve product quality, the company has changed the entire system of steam cookers, built a wastewater system according to technology transfer of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Ho Chi Minh City, turning the whole pelletizing system into semi-automatic.

* Thanh Long coconut candy enterprise, in Phu Khuong ward, City. Ben Tre was born before 1975, from a small candy oven with family production. This is also one of the oldest coconut candy production facilities in Ben Tre. After 3 generations, if before only a few items, now Thanh Long has nearly 50 items such as coconut candy, banana candy, cashew candy, candied fruit, gummy ginger jam, custard apple jam, milk rice paper … Currently, Thanh Long has 3 production and trading points in Phu Khuong ward, Phu Tan ward and near Rach Mieu bridge in Chau Thanh town, with 400 retail points. In each province and city, enterprises invest in building a fairly large-scale distributor. To proactively market and increase product output, Thanh Long constantly changes flavors in candies and launches many types of coconut candies with flavors of peanuts, coffee, cocoa, and pandan leaves. On average, enterprises produce over 3 tons of products per day, mainly focusing on the domestic market and have been present in most provinces and cities in the country. In addition, Thanh Long coconut candy is also exported to the Chinese market. On average, each month, the facility exports 10 tons of candy of all kinds through agents. Not only improving product quality to suit the tastes of domestic and foreign customers, Thanh Long coconut candy production facility is also interested in branding. Since 1990, Thanh Long facility has carried out the necessary procedures for trademark registration and has been granted a certificate by the Patent Office, now the National Office of Intellectual Property, until now, the facility has extended it to 2020. In addition, the establishment also registered the trademark of dragon fruit candy in the Chinese market.

* Tuyet Phung coconut candy in Mo Cay town started production in 1977. After 34 years of establishment and development, up to now, Tuyet Phung’s private enterprise coconut candy has affirmed its brand and has a strong foothold. in the hearts of consumers. To serve many different audiences and markets, Tuyet Phung coconut candy production enterprise has constantly innovated, expanded and improved product quality. The company’s main products include coconut candy of all kinds such as durian coconut candy, peanuts, cocoa… banana candy, candied fruit, custard apple, tamarind candy… Currently, the business produces on average 15 tons per month. candy of all kinds. Tuyet Phung coconut candy products are consumed all over the country and exported to Cambodia and the US. The enterprise also set up sales agents in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Binh Duong, and Ho Chi Minh provinces. Ho Chi Minh City and sales agents in the province. Since 2007, a private enterprise producing coconut candy Tuyet Phung has exclusively registered for the Tuyet Phung trademark and the National Office of Intellectual Property has officially granted an exclusive certificate of trademark “Snow Phung” for coconut candy products. , banana candy, candied fruit.