Coconut Product

Coir Rope

∗ Material: 100% coconut shell
∗ Port: Cat Lai Port, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
∗ Payment: T/T, L/C
∗ Original: Ben Tre, Vietnam
∗ Supply: 2000 packs per month

Coir rope is made from coconut fiber which is found between the hard, internal shell of the outer coat of a coconut. After fully mature coconuts are harvested, they are put into machines to separate the long bristle fibres underneath the skin of the nut. This process is called wet-milling. Next, these coconut fibres are twisted into thicker and stronger strings to become coir rope. The coir fiber is relatively waterproof, and is one of the few natural materials that are resistant to damage by seawater.

Coir rope is used for several purposes:

Being used in packaging
Making coir mat
Making fishing net
Providing an eco-friendly alternative to deal with environment problems

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