Coconut Product

Coco peat

∗ Material: 100% coconut shell
∗ Port: Cat Lai Port, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
∗ Payment: T/T, L/C
∗ Original: Ben Tre, Vietnam
∗ Supply: 2000 packs per month

Coconut peat is a kind of growing medium that is made from coconut husk. Coconut husks after being washed, machine dried are shreded into small pieces which are turned into coconut peat. Coconut peat is viewed as a great soil conditioner and an ideal growing environment for horticulture purposes. Once it absorbs water, coir peat can retain moisture and release it slowly, which provides great conditions for a variety of soil-less plants such as orchid and anthurium to grow. Coconut peat can be packed into 60x110cm pp package or compressed into coconut bricks, which have to be soaked to break them apart.

Coconut peat used for ?

  • Providing growing medium for soil-less plants such as orchid
  • Keeping the moisture of soil
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