Coconut Product

Coir mat/round for tree

Using for:

  • Give your plants a better chance of survival, use a Coconut Fiber Mat!
  • This Coconut Fiber Mat promotes good air flow and good water drainage so the roots grow strong and healthy
  • The natural coconut fiber promotes good bacteria growth which is essential in your plant’s growth
  • It’s pre-cut in a round shape so it’s ready to use on your potted plants
  • Also has a slit cut towards the center so it’s easy to use without moving and disturbing your plants
  • Effectively prevents weed growth on the soil of your plants

Material: Natural Coir Fiber


  • Small: 20 cm (Diameter)
  • Medium: 30 cm (Diameter)
  • Large: 40 cm (Diameter)

Package Content:

  • 10 x Round Coconut Fiber Mat
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