Ben Tre: Coir Thread Craft Village Develops

TBV – The land of Ben Tre is blessed by nature with charming river landscapes, sweet green trees, fresh and peaceful air… In particular, this land is known as the land of coconut trees with immense coconut forests. butt, bowl. With the above characteristics, craft villages here also develop diversely and richly such as: Production of coir fiber, handicrafts from coconut and other handicraft villages. It can be said that the craft village activities here are not as many as in other localities, but it is suitable for the ingenuity of the people.

Referring to the Ben Tre coconut fiber craft village, people here often refer to the coconut fiber craft village next to the Thom river in the territory of An Thanh commune, Mo Cay district, Ben Tre province. Besides, the coconut fiber craft village of Khanh Thanh Tan, Mo Cay Bac is also about 10km away. The craft village is likened to a floating market on the Thom River because every day the boats arrive and depart, they are full of coconut boats or products made from coir. Here, not only does the production of coir weave carpets, but it also develops other occupations such as spinning coir, chopping copra, trading in coconuts, etc.

An Thanh, Ben Tre coconut fiber craft village is concentrated mainly in Vinh Khanh and was formed in the 1980s. Initially there were only 2 establishments, but up to now, Ben Tre coir village has 43 establishments, 6 companies and 1 enterprise specializing in producing coir, coco coir bales, coco peat… Currently, the coir village in Ben Tre has attracted more than 1000 workers in the commune and neighboring communes to processing coconut products such as: chopping copra, drying coco peat, peeling coconut … The average income per worker is about 150,000 VND/day.

And to have raw materials to produce only Ben Tre coir is desiccated coconut. Coconut shells, when purchased, will be put into the threshing machine to get only coir. And this thread is applied in many different jobs but is mainly used to turn into thread for weaving; manufactures product lines such as mattress thread, sclera thread, twisted fiber thread, rubberized mattress thread, woven carpet, carpet mat, floor mat… Currently, these products have developed quite stably and are exported. to many countries around the world such as: Korea, USA, India, Malaysia, China… contributing to the development of people’s lives here.

The development of coconut fiber craft villages not only promotes the local economy, but also
preserve traditional cultural values.

If you have the opportunity to visit Ben Tre coir village, visitors will experience the excitement of the people here about how to make coir to produce coir mats, coir bags… products with simple beauty, simple but no less delicate and unique.

The development of craft villages not only promotes the local economy, creates jobs for local workers, but also preserves the unique and long-standing traditional cultural values. With products imbued with the nation’s own identity, it contributes to increasing the opportunity to promote the image of the homeland and the country in the country and the world. In particular, the development of craft villages is also one of the conditions for the development of the local tourism industry. In the future, it is hoped that the Ben Tre coconut fiber craft village will develop and reach out further.

Article and photos Phúc Bảo